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Make The Most Of Your Last Term At Hull University

Make the most of your last term at Hull University

Here at Unicom we remember our summer semester at university, and although gruelling with coursework it was often the best semester.  Summer parties, bbqs, late nights sat out at the local beer gardens.  And of course the end of year ball.  There is a lot to fit in.  Besides all of that you have to say bye to friends for a few months, and pack up your Unicom home.  If you are a final year student then you will have plenty of work to be getting on with but don’t forget that there is a bucket list of things you should have completed whilst at university.  If you are not graduating this year the make sure you are on top of your Hull University bucket list before term finishes at the beginning of June.

A recent poll by Olympus showed that most students want to fall asleep in a lecture at some point and take a term’s worth of laundry home to Mum before they leave University.

Our Unicom Accommodation version of the Hull University student bucket list is a compilation of raucous activities, cheap nights out and lazy days on the sofa that only a student could get away with.

Whilst university provides a chance for those of all ages to improve their knowledge, it’s often what takes place outside the lecture theatre that defines many people’s memories of their time there.

So some come on Hull students, lets make some memories!

What students should do before they leave university:

  1. Get wheeled around Newland Avenue in a shopping trolley by friends
  2. Join societies and then never go to a single meeting
  3. Go on a fancy dress pub crawl around Hull’s Carnage night
  4. Argue with housemates over who has to buy the toilet roll
  5. Spend your student loan within the first term and then complain you have no money for the rest of the year
  6. Go home in the holidays with a bag full of washing to have your mum wait on you hand and foot
  7. Watch a whole TV series in one day whilst still in your PJs on your Unicom sofa
  8. Fall asleep in a lecture
  9. Get put into your Unicom bed by your mates
  10. Ring your parents mostly when you need money (and get away with it)
  11. Make the most epic fancy dress costumes
  12. Get your mum to visit you and bring a car full of groceries
  13. Do the walk of shame back to your Unicom home
  14. Never spend more than £1.50 on an alcoholic drink
  15. Visit Hull Fair
  16. Get your photo taken with the Z-list celebrity that attends your HUU end of year ball
  17. Decorate your bedroom with iconic movie posters
  18. Get Fresher’s Flu but still manage to go to Asylum the same night
  19. Spend no more than £10 on a night out
  20. Pass your degree!