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Student House Check Out Procedure and how to vacate your Unicom Home

It is unfortunately time for your tenancy with us at Unicom to end.  We have put together for you the requirements that you will need to follow to ensure a smooth check out.

Things to do before you vacate:


We request that one person within your group collects all house keys for all persons and hands in all keys on the same day and signs out of the property on behalf of all tenants. This will be the last tenant to vacate the property. We reserve the right to charge the Check Out Nominee any lost key charges or damages.


Please email to request an appointment at least 3 days before you are due to vacate the property. The appointments can be made Monday to Friday and should take no longer than 30 minutes. It will involve a survey of your house and the handover of keys. Before this appointment you must ensure that you are ready to move out and hand over keys to the agent.

YOU MUST VACATE the property by 10am on the day of your contract end date.  Please note that unfortunately any personal items remaining past 10am on your contract end date will be disposed of, and there will be charges issued in relation to this.  A £50.00 late key return charge will be issued per key if not handed in before or at this time.


Your check out nominee will return ALL the keys for the property clearly marked with tenant name, room number and property address. Envelopes are available from office with these details on. The last person to vacate the house will have to hand in all keys and check out on behalf of any other members of the group. They will also be required to sign to confirm that you have all vacated the property, and understand that access cannot be granted after the check out process is complete.

Should you wish, you can return your keys to our NEWLAND AVENUE BRANCH ONLY. Please make sure that they fully labelled as detailed above. Envelopes will be available from our Newland Avenue branch for easy use.


Any missing keys will be charged at £25.00 per key, and will have to be paid by card by the check out nominee upon vacation. No payment means that the check out procedure cannot be completed, and the keys cannot be accepted. All keys must be handed in before your tenancy end date before 10am. Failure to do so will result in a £50.00 charge per key (payable by cash or card).


Once you have handed back your keys it is deemed that the property is now fully vacated, and your contract has been terminated.  Unfortunately you cannot return to access the property again after you have checked out so we advise you to ensure that all your mail has been forwarded to your new address and ensure that all your personal belongings have been removed. Any belongings remaining at the property will be removed and destroyed once you have returned your keys.

Everyone at Unicom would like to wish you all the very best with your future studies/career and would like to thank you for custom over the last academic year.

Love your home….love your university life.  Unicom.