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What To Give Up For Lent…..

What To Give Up For Lent……

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What to give up for lent, we have all tried it, and within 4 days and 4 nights we have given up.  At least we got to eat all those pancakes! After all it’s very difficult to give up our vices, especially with all the temptations around Hull University and Hull City Centre at the moment.  So if you are looking to stay in your Unicom home all month abstaining from vices then do not read any further!

Here are our top five temptations at Hull university and its surrounding areas:


  1. El Chupitos, Newland Avenue, Hull – the frozen margeritas in this place are to die for.  A couple of these and your vow to go home after “just one” will be out the window in a jiffy!
  2. Planet Coffee, Newland Avenue, Hull – Chocolate Crunch Pie –  get your chops around this piece of perfect sugary bake, and you won’t regret breaking your attempt at abstaining for Lent.
  3. Aunt Bibbys, Princes Avenue, Hull – now this place knows how to do a burger.  Their curly fries are perfection. Not necessarily low fat but hey, it’s not as though we are following a restricted Lent diet!
  4. The Boathouse, Newland Avenue, Hull – Breakfast for Kings.  Is the hangover a little too heavy to bear?  Then this breakfast will sort you right out after your night of sins!
  5. Roots, Newland Avenue, Hull – Goat curry. If you are looking for a large, filling dish with some serious tingle for your taste buds then this little fella will keep you full up for days! Perfect for those days when a bit of gluttony is the only way.

So, Lent we are terribly sorry but there is just too many temptations outside of our Unicom homes nowadays.  Maybe next year, hey?